Eight Unexpected Campfire Foods | Camping in Alberta

Posted on: July 15, 2017

It’s the height of the season of camping in Alberta. Whether you’re RV-ing or going full backcountry, your camping trip won’t be complete without a good campfire.

You’ve probably had classic campfire food all your life: s’mores, hot-dogs on sticks, corn-on-the-cob wrapped in tin foil. How about this summer you make it your mission to try something different?  Let your taste buds #LiveAdventurefully while you’re out enjoying your Alberta camping adventure!


  1. Campfire Pizza

Opening a cast-iron skillet to reveal a restaurant-quality pizza will definitely impress all the seasoned campers at your site. Telling them that you made the whole thing from scratch will blow them away. With a little prep work and some equipment that you probably have already you can make amazing pizza over a roaring fire wherever you are.

Campfire Pizza from Fresh Off The Grid


  1. Campfire Nachos

This one is so easy that we’re surprised it isn’t a camping staple already: take the ingredients that you’d normally put into nachos (having cooked any meat or veggies in a pot), wrap them in tin-foil coated with non-stick cooking spray, leave them over the campfire for 10-15 minutes, and serve. You can try the same trick to make loaded potatoes, or just about anything!

Campfire Nachos from Yummy Mummy Club


  1. Campfire Popcorn Satchels

Another nice and easy one: place a couple of tablespoons of popcorn kernels and two tablespoons of vegetable or canola oil in a square of heavy-duty aluminium foil, place over the fire and shake (the linked site recommends string tied to a stick to keep it moving- we’d say some metal tongs).

Campfire Popcorn Satchels from Real Simple


  1. Grilled Eggs

If you’re travelling light and want to leave a frying pan at home, you can still start your day with this breakfast classic. A small round tray made of tin-foil, a little cooking spray and eggs are all you need- except some bacon and black coffee.

Grilled Campfire Eggs from Egg Farmers of Canada


  1. Campfire Pasta Packets

If pizza wasn’t enough Italian cuisine for your camping trip, here’s a recipe for single-serve packets of pre-prepared pasta that you can heat up on a campfire. After this, the only way you’ll get more Italian is by trading your ATV in for a Vespa.

Campfire Pasta Packets from Eighty Twenty


  1. Sausage Perogie Campfire Foil Packets

This Canadian classic works just as well in the great outdoors as it does in your own kitchen. It uses the classic campfire move of throwing the ingredients and some cooking oil in a foil pouch, cooking and serving.

Get The Recipe at Midlife Healthy Living


  1. Campfire Bannock

By taking a few ingredients in a Ziploc bag, you can make this classic First Nations and Métis recipe. You can even cook it in campfire embers the morning after a fire.

Campfire Bannock from Yummy Mummy Club



  1. Campfire French Toast

French toast is the perfect breakfast food- or brunch food, or mid-morning snack… You can make a whole loaf before going on a day’s hike with this recipe.

Campfire French Toast from This Lil Piglet


There are bound to be a lot more ways to re-create great recipes when you’re camping in Alberta’s Lakeland. If you discover something that works then share it to our Facebook Page!

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Eight Unexpected Campfire Foods | Camping in Alberta

It’s the height of the season of camping in Alberta. Whether you’re RV-ing or going full backcountry, your camping trip won’t be complete without ...
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