Why the Lakeland, Alberta Should be on Your Hunting Trips List

Posted on: March 18, 2018

It’s a fact that a recreational hunter shot a 200-plus-inch whitetail deer in the Lakeland during 2012. If you love hunting, that should be enough to send you scurrying for your camouflage gear, but that’s not all. Visiting the Lakeland, Alberta on your hunting trips involves much more than bagging trophy animals. It’s an adventure.

Here are some more of the facts, with a little of what you fancy thrown in for good measure.

Lakeland Areas For Hunting Trips

The Alberta Wildland Parks system provides many opportunities for hunting. Over 85% of the land base in these areas allows hunting. There are few restrictions. These parks have much to offer hunting fans. They are beautifully preserved, with pristine forest habitats for wildlife to thrive in.

Only a few enthusiasts have discovered the thrill of hunting in the Lakeland. This means more for you – more space, more species, and more freedom. For now. If you want to get away from it all, choose Alberta for your hunting trips.

Best Species to Hunt in Canada’s Lakeland

Alberta has a good range of wildlife to add to your bag when you visit this vast wilderness.

Whitetail deer are top of the list, with healthy populations found all over the Lakeland region. Alberta has the highest percentage of trophy-class bucks in all North America. Add to that, mule deer and elk for the ultimate thrill.

Black bears and wolves are abundant too and may be hunted with very few restrictions. Hunting during the spring allows you to combine several hunts – black bear, cougar, elk, moose, mule deer and waterfowl. Wintertime is cougar time in the Lakeland when it’s far easier to track these elusive creatures.

Depending on the size of your rifle, you are sure to find something to shoot at in the Lakeland.

Specialized Accommodation

The Lakeland welcomes hunters and has great facilities to cater for hunting trips. The campgrounds are spacious, clean, and inviting. They have ample ablutions, hook-ups, and modern facilities. Enjoy open-fire evenings or cozy cabin comforts of your dreams when you choose to hunt in the Lakeland.

There’s no shortage of hunting outfitters either. Each offers their own brand of Alberta adventure. You can count on the camaraderie of these expert marksmen during your hunt as well as after-hours.

All You Need for Your Hunting Trips

Along with hunting outfitters, you’ll find everything you need for successful hunting trips in this neck of the woods. The Lakeland has an excellent infrastructure in place to accommodate hunters. If you need ammunition, clothing, equipment, or provisions for your hunting trip, you’ll find it here.

Alberta Parks supports and encourages hunters and is only a phone call away if you need any help or guidance.

Other Things to Do in the Lakeland

When you’ve bagged your limits and it’s time to return to reality, you can prolong the delight with an extended stay in the area. There are many other ways to experience nature in the Lakeland. Hiking, horseback riding, ATV trails and lakeside relaxation are always within your reach. Great restaurants, historical sites, festivals and events add to the enjoyments you’ll find here.

Get Out There

What are you waiting for? Start planning your next hunting trip in Canada’s Lakeland today. Check out our website for more information and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.

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