How and When to See the Northern Lights in Alberta

Posted on: May 23, 2018

What if you were one trip away from seeing the most beautiful thing in the world?

It may sound like an exaggeration, but there is nothing quite like seeing the Northern Lights. And many people don’t know that you can actually see the Northern Lights quite vividly right here in Canada’s Lakeland!

Keep reading to learn how and when to see this magnificent sight!

When Can You See the Northern Lights in Canada?

In many ways, the range of dates is the most important information about this natural phenomenon. It would be terrible to make a big trip and not actually be able to see the lights!

While the exact days can vary from year to year, your best bet to see the Northern Lights in Canada is to schedule a trip between December and March, though places like Alberta offer an extended range of dates between September and April. While this may seem narrow, the range of dates allows you to find a time that is best for you and potentially your friends and family as well.

You can also use Alberta Aurora Watch to get alerts of when there will be an aurora.

A Trip to Alberta

As we mentioned earlier, Alberta is a great place to view these lights in part because of the extended window for travellers to come see this once in a lifetime sight. Lakeland, Alberta is also ideal because it is relatively remote.

Like other forms of stargazing, seeing the Northern Lights works best if you have a really dark sky. That means finding remote locations that do not suffer from a lot of light pollution.

You can also have the best of both worlds by visiting Lakeland Provincial Park Dark Sky Preserve. You get all the benefits of an amazing view of the Northern Lights in Canada while also enjoying the rest of the scenic beauty and fun activities like the Lakeland Dark Sky Celebration!

Whatever the rest of your plans, having a good place to stay is key.

Becoming a Night Owl

If you really want to get a good look at the Northern Lights, then you may need to bring some coffee. This is because the time to see the lights ranges between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am, with midnight being your peak viewing hours.

Sometimes, the lights appear quicker than others. Be sure to stay patient and enjoy the show!

What to Bring?

It’s important to have the right supplies before you make a big trip. These supplies vary from smartphone apps to specialized equipment.

Downloading a stargazing app such as Night Sky 4 onto your phone is a great way to add value to your visit. Such apps allow you to identify specific stars and constellations, basically giving you a crash course in astronomy even as you check out the natural wonder!

You’ll also want to bring a good LED headlamp. The lamp should feature white lights for safety as well as red lights to enhance your night vision.

Once you have your supplies, you’re ready to make the trip!

The Bottom Line

You know you want to see the Northern Lights in Canada. You just need some help getting there!

Travel Lakeland is the final authority in great places to stay in Alberta. To see how they can bring your travel dreams to life, be sure to contact us today!

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