Discover Alberta Golf Courses in The Lakeland: The Golfers’ Guide

Posted on: May 6, 2019

Fresh green grass, undiscovered courses, the thrill of improving your stroke with each game — there are countless reasons to love golf. And for those golf-enthusiasts out there, the warm spring and summer months signal the return of your favourite hobby to the Lakeland.

Golf has a long history in the Lakeland. In fact, it was introduced to Alberta in the late 1800s, and saw a resurgence in 1918 with the end of World War I. Since then, it’s been a beloved past-time for thousands. In the Lakeland, there’s a golf course for everyone: from small, family-oriented mini-golf courses, to sophisticated country clubs, to courses with breathtaking views.

Looking for the best golf course in Alberta? Discover Alberta golf courses in the Lakeland with our Golfers’ Guide to the top brass golf courses you can experience this season:

Smoky Lake Golf & Country Club

If you love being surrounded by the elements of nature — towering trees, sunny skies, the picturesque White Earth Creek Valley — then you’ll love Smoky Lake Golf & Country Club. This course, located right outside of the town of Smoky Lake, offers special perks for members: discounted prices for food and beverage, special prices at their Pro Shop, discounts for guests, and much more.

For those in an adventurous state of mind, Smoky Lake Golf & Country Club boasts 14 fully-serviced RV sites so that you and your family can enjoy a mini-getaway in a beautiful natural setting — and head straight to the golf course in the morning.

St. Paul Golf Club

Whether you’re looking for a season-long membership or interested in playing a simple 9-hole or 18-hole game, St. Paul Golf Club offers a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Families, couples, singles are welcome here while men’s, women’s, and junior leagues allow for a healthy spirit of competition for serious golfers.

Be sure to check out the Pro Shop when you visit — they’re actually the only Lakeland golf club that offers full club fitting and club building services. At the beginning or end of a long, fulfilling day in the sun you’ll definitely want to check out the Tin Club Restaurant onsite, which offers a fabulous gluten-free menu.

Lac La Biche Golf & Country Club

It’s absolutely worth it to take a trip out to the beautiful, unique Lac La Biche region to golf at the Lac La Biche Golf & Country Club. The name Lac La Biche comes from an indigenous Cree phrase for Lake of the Elk, and those who adventure to this area get to experience the overwhelming beauty of Lac La Biche itself, which stands out as being one of Alberta’s largest bodies of water.

The Lac La Biche Golf & Country Club is located right on the shore of the lake, making it an incredibly scenic place to enjoy a round of golf. Enjoy the truly spectacular sunset views on the lake, and visit the Pelican Grill for a great meal. Whether you’re interested in lessons or a membership, this course’s setting makes it a truly unique experience.

Rocky Meadows Farm Mini Golf

Kids and adults alike love to work on their skills and soak in the sunshine at mini golf courses, and the Rocky Meadows Farm Mini Golf course has a fun and interesting twist you will love. To design the course, the folks at Rocky Meadows Farm incorporated farming equipment and machinery like tractors to create a unique and wholesome mini golf course kids will absolutely love.

Rocky Meadows Farm also offers some unique features you won’t find at other mini golf courses:

  • Campground and RV sites for lovers of the great outdoors
  • A children’s playground to entertain little ones
  • Country Cafe which offers delicious pies in a tranquil atmosphere
  • U-pick berry picking for extraordinarily fresh fruit

Mannville Riverview Golf & RV Resort

The Vermilion River got its name from the unique red clay that’s found in the Vermilion River Valley. Now, explorers in the area can enjoy the unique scenery of the Vermilion River by visiting the Mannville Riverview Golf & RV Resort.

Visit this course if you want to experience unique and challenging golfing terrain that features the Vermilion River throughout the course. The Riverview is a beloved North Eastern Alberta golf course, featuring stellar reviews from its many fans. Golfers here are encouraged to respect and maintain the natural beauty of this course — so remember to wear golf or flat-soled shoes when you visit!

Bonnyville Golf & Country Club

Beautiful water features, picturesque bridges, gorgeous landscaping — no guide to Alberta’s golf courses would be complete without a mention of the Bonnyville Golf & Country Club.

Located next to Moose Lake camping facilities, with gorgeous views of Chatwin Lake and Moose Lake, Bonnyville Golf & Country Club melds natural beauty with a sophisticated country club feel. This course keeps it fresh and fun for members by hosting frequent events, like a shared Golf & Dine dinner, Ladies’ Night, Men’s Night, and Seniors’ Mornings. You’ll love working on your game on the scenic course, then relaxing at the Restaurant & Lounge or on the scenic patio.

Vilna Golf Course

The town of Vilna has a long history dating all the way back to 1907. Today, it’s a thriving small town whose historic Main Street offers history-inclined visitors with a glimpse ofAlberta history. In addition, Vilna features a beloved golf course that provides visitors with the perfect place to work on their game.

If you’re looking for a course that’s flat and easy to navigate, then the Vilna Golf Course is perfect for you. The Vilna Golf Course is a great place to work on your game, and its handicapped accessible clubhouse makes it a convenient and welcoming location for all. As a public course, you’ll also enjoy the friendly atmosphere, affordable prices, and laid-back vibe at this course.

Have the Time of Your Life at One of Alberta’s Golf Courses

Here in the Lakeland, we like to live adventurefully. When it comes to golf, this means exploring new courses, soaking in the natural beauty of the Lakeland, continuously improving our game, and enjoying the best Alberta golf courses out there. For more tips on making the most out of Lakeland’s outdoor activities, visit our site at Travel Lakeland or get in touch with us today.

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