Alberta Wildflowers – What You Need to Know

Posted on: July 26, 2018

A Scottish-Canadian politician once spoke about his hopes for people’s perceptions of his home. “My dream is for people around the world to look up and to see Canada like a little jewel sitting at the top of the continent.”

Bejewelled is a good word to describe Alberta, which is dripping with natural beauty and wonders. Not least of which is the famous Alberta wildflowers.

From yarrow to blanket flowers, here are some of the glorious native plants you can expect to see when travelling through Alberta, Canada!

Guide To Alberta Wildflowers

Let’s face it, we don’t go travelling to see things we can find in our own backyard. We go out into the wild to find something new, inspiring and marvellous.

We’ll be focusing on Alberta’s native plants & wildflowers for that reason. There are surely plenty of magnificent rose gardens and orchid hothouses, but those could be found anywhere.


Yarrow may seem underwhelming due to its small size, but it’s one of Alberta’s most iconic native plants. Yarrow is a ground-covering plant that can be found in prairies and at elevation.

Yarrow attracts kindly insects like ladybugs, as well. Yarrow fields can be more like pleasure gardens than wilderness, especially with its bold crimson colour.

Blanket Flower

This Alberta native plant is a relative of the common sunflower. It’s somehow even sunnier than your ordinary Helianthus, due to its striking orange and yellow colouring.

Blanket flowers are also known as “brown-eyed Susans.” They’re one of Alberta’s most cheerful and colourful native species of wildflowers, dotting the roadsides with their canary yellow glow.

Blanket flowers are a symbol of summer. They flourish in the heat and direct sunlight of July and August. So take a road trip and catch them while you can!

Giant Hyssop

Giant Hyssop fields are also like pastoral pleasure gardens, much like the yarrow fields, due to their insect-attracting properties. You’ve not lived until you’ve seen butterflies gracefully flitting between the purple cone-shaped flowers while bees drone busily in the background.

Giant hyssop is also a member of the mint family. This makes this Alberta wild plant edible. Its leaves have a licorice-like flavour, suitable for any number of regional sweets and desserts.


Speaking of iconic edible Alberta plants, saskatoons are sure to be a part of many Albertans fondest memories. This short shrub is a staple of many local pies, jams, or simply served chilled.

Saskatoon is quite rugged and vibrant, as well. Sprawling fields of the berry-laden leaves is a common site. Do yourself a favour and get out some this summer and pick yourself a bushel full!

Wild Rose

Alberta’s provincial flower is unlike any rose you’ve ever seen. Rosa Acicularis grows in Northern regions of North America, Asia, and Europe. It’s also known as prickly wild rose or bristly rose.

Rather than the traditional thorned rose, Alberta’s wild rose is a starburst-shaped flower that grows on a bush. Sprawling fields of dusty pink wild rose is a staple of summer in Alberta. Make sure to get out these Alberta native wildflowers while they’re in bloom!

Are You Travelling In Alberta?

Alberta is a wonderland of ornate wildflowers. You could talk all day about the inspiring bursts of colours that dot our landscape. These are some of the most iconic and recognizable Alberta native plants, however, to push you out your front door and into Alberta’s pristine wilderness.

Prepare to have your mind blown! From glorious Alberta wildflowers to the Northern Lights, The Lakeland has something to inspire you. Check out our Best Of Lakeland and get inspired!

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