6 Best Restaurants in the Lakeland Region

Posted on: February 15, 2018

You’ve booked your Lakeland hotel, have a way to get there, and know what activities you’ll be doing. Sounds like your trip to Alberta’s lake region is shaping up nicely. While the Lakelands region is spread out and not terribly built-up, you can still find plenty of quaint restaurants serving delicious food. Ranging from good-ole Canadian fare to allegedly the best Mexican food in Canada, there’s a Lakeland restaurant to please everyone.

Whether you’re visiting the Lakeland region to experience Alberta’s best canoeing spot or camp in the wide open wilderness, you’ll need some fuel to keep you going.

Here’s a list of Lakeland restaurants we think you should check out during your next trip to the area.

Lakeland Grill, Bonnyville

The Lakeland Grill is a place that guests – new and repeats – rave about constantly. Located in Bonnyville, the restaurant has a homey feel that’s accentuated by the owner checking on each customer. Everyone on the Grill’s staff is friendly, too. You can consistently get homestyle, delicious food for a great cost at Lakeland Grill.

Mamacitas Mexican Restaurant, Cold Lake

If you suddenly crave Mexican food during your trip to Lakeland, you need to check out Mamacitas. Located in Cold Lake, Mamacitas serves up hearty servings of all your favourite Mexican dishes.

The wait staff is friendly, timely, and the prices are spot on for the quantity of food you get. Plus, the interior is colourful, a feature that will certainly cheer you up if you visit in winter.

Taste Buds Restaurant, Elk Point

Chinese food in rural Alberta? Funnily enough, you’ll see the phrase “best Chinese food in Canada” in many of the reviews for Taste Buds in Elk Point. No matter what type of Chinese food you’re craving, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger here. The food is consistently delicious and comes in generous portions.

Bill’s Burger Baron, Lac La Biche

If you love burgers, you need to head to Bill’s Burger Baron in Lac la Biche. The restaurant has hardy burgers, excellent service, and retro arcade games to boot. It’s located right along route 101 and is easy to get to from any local campsite you’re staying at.

Green Acres Restaurant, Glendon

For traditional Canadian fare near Glendon, look no further than Green Acres Restaurant! This restaurant is known for their incredibly friendly atmosphere, huge portions, and amazing fish & chips.

Clark’s General Store and Eatery, Cold Lake

This little place is a fantastic place to go for fresh fish and shellfish. Clark’s fries up fish & chips that the customers rave about. Inside is a bit small and looks like it hasn’t been redone in 50 years, but that’s what adds charm to the place.


Explore Lakeland Restaurants

There are plenty other Lakeland restaurants to explore apart from these seven. The amazing thing about this region is it’s full of people from different walks of life who share their tastes in food.

Feeling hungry for adventure? Learn more about things to do in the Lakeland region.

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