5 Things to Do in Alberta this Summer

Posted on: May 2, 2018

Canada is known for cold winters with ice and snow that doesn’t seem to go away. But what about the beautiful Canadian summers? They’re known for beautiful places to hike and visit, along with fun and interesting festivals, there are things to do in Alberta throughout the warmest season of the year. If you’re looking to experience life on the fun side, come take a look at Lakeland, Alberta.

Read on and learn about the best places to hit up on your next trip to Alberta.

1. See Wildlife You’ll Never Forget

One of the best things about Alberta is the ability to see wildlife. You’ll have your choice of wildlife tours or conservation.

While on tours with a guide or hiking in the wild, you’ll meet up with animals native to Canada such as:

  • Moose
  • Black bears
  • Deer
  • Lynx
  • Beavers

Bring your camera and get ready to see these beautiful animals up close and personal on your next trip to Alberta.

2. Attend Folk Music Festivals and Hear Something New

Among things to do in Alberta, there’s a variety of folk music festivals to attend. This is the ideal time to go and listen to artists you wouldn’t normally consider, and expand your musical horizons.

If you love the idea of sitting out on the lawn and listening to various folk singers and groups playing, attend one of these two festivals to get your fix. Stay for a few hours or the whole day, and see bask in the glow of summer while listening to your favourite music.

In fact, one of our regions most exciting (and newest) music festivals is hitting the stage again in St. Paul, Alberta. Centerfield Music Festival features some of the top talent in country music–from Corb Lund and Gord Bamford. Last year the music festival kicked off with our home-grown talent, Brett Kissel!

3. Visit the Iron Horse Trail

If a combination of history and natural beauty are your thing, take a walk on the Iron Horse trail. Complete with historical attractions, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about life from a time long ago.

The trail was in use starting in the 1700s. Up until 2000, it was part of a rail system. Now you can experience the beauty living along the trail, and learn about how important Iron Horse was to rural and city dwellers alike.

4. Discover Aboriginal Culture Among the Things to Do in Alberta

Long before current citizens settled and lived in the area, Lakeland was home to Aboriginal people. It’s also is noted for having a large population of Metis people.

Experience the culture these groups have to offer. Through festivals and gatherings, you’ll learn more about how they lived, what their history is, and how they function today. Throughout the summer there are various PowWows and Metis Day celebrations.

You could even take a step back in time at Metis Crossing or explore one of our provinces best aboriginal museums at the Portage College Museum of Aboriginal Peoples Art & Artifacts in Lac La Biche.

5. Find Out the History at Cold Lake Air Force Museum

If military history interests you, check out the Cold Lake Air Force Museum. Established in 1952 from a former Cold War facility, the museum offers a look into the Air Force for this region.

If you’re curious about local history, you’ll get the chance to learn about the oil sand industry in the area. Living off the land through means of hunting and trapping are also touched on during your visit to the museum.

Learn More

If you’re ready to experience the best that Canada has to offer, start planning your next visit. Contact us, and learn more about things to do in Alberta.

From adventure to enjoying an easy-going vacation, there’s something to appeal to every traveller.

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