5 Reasons You Need to Visit Lakeland, Alberta This Year

Posted on: February 24, 2018

Ready to plan the vacation of your dreams? Are you looking for a place that offers rich cultural immersion paired with untouched natural scenery?

If you’ve ever considered adding the breathtaking province of Alberta to your travel agenda, this is the year to do it. And if you’re not sure where to go in Alberta, Lakeland would be a great place to consider.

There’s never been a better time to explore the beautiful landscapes and the wide variety of activities in Lakeland. Read on for five reasons you should visit Lakeland this year.

1. Memorable Camping Opportunities

Lakeland is an ideal place to visit all year round. Though there are plenty of winter activities to keep you entertained, visiting in the summer gives you the opportunity to go camping in a place you’ll feel close to nature.

The Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area gives campers a chance to enjoy a serene lake setting. It is unserviced camping and offers natural beaches, lakes for fishing, and trails that campers can hike, bike, or explore via off-road vehicle.

Plus, camping in the Lakeland Provincial Recreation Area is a great place to spot wildlife and birds.

2. See the Northern Lights

Ever dreamed of seeing the sky glow in a magical array of colours against a dark and starry sky?

If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, Lakeland is the perfect place to do it. The not so densely populated area helps prevent light pollution in the night sky, and the light show often appears very bright and vivid. Canada’s Lakeland also has one of a few Dark Sky Preserves located in Lakeland Provincial Park!

Bring your patience, because there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll witness this amazing natural spectacle.

3. Cold Lake Air Show

If you’re a big fan of aviation, you don’t want to miss the 2018 Cold Lake Air Show in the Lakeland. It’s one of the major reasons people love to visit Lakeland in the summer.

This July, crowds will gather to marvel at displays by the Canadian Armed Forces, the Skyhawks Parachute Team, and the famous Snowbirds Air Demonstration Team. If a vacation enjoying planes, camping, and the great outdoors seems ideal to you, Canada’s Lakeland is the place to do it.

4. Farmers Markets and Fresh Food

The Lakeland has some of the best food options when it comes to locally sourced, farm to table cuisine. If you want to eat fresh and healthy for a fair price, Canada’s Lakeland is a great place to do it. You can indulge in some of the local specialities, like bison, or simply enjoy fresh greens and fruits that grow naturally in the area.

One of the best ways to sample the local cuisine is to head to the Bonnyville Tuesday Farmers’ Market. There, you can find artisans and farmers selling everything from produce to baked goods to crafts.

The farmers market even has vendors selling unusual cultural cuisines, like German and Ukrainian food. The farmers market takes place every Tuesday afternoon.

Try some melt-in-your-mouth fresh honey cream, farm eggs and tomatoes or go straight for the homemade cinnamon rolls. Vendors are proud to offer up some unique Farmers’ Market fair with Ukrainian, Chinese and German food. Join us every Tuesday from 2-5 in the afternoon.

5. Cabane a Sucre du Nord

Ever wanted to attend a festival where you can indulge in maple toffee to your heart’s content?

Cabane a Sucre du Nord — or Sugar Shack — is your dream come true. It’s a Lakeland event that takes place every March.

At this fun-filled event, you and your family can enjoy lots of food, live music, and sleigh rides. Of course, the freshly made maple toffee is one of the highlights of the event, so bring your sweet tooth!

Ready to Visit Lakeland?

If you’re ready to get planning and visit Lakeland, you’ve come to the right place.

Browse our wide selection of articles on where to stay, play, eat, and explore in Lakeland, Alberta. Contact us if you’d like more information or travel planning tips.

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