5 Great Vacation Spots in Alberta’s Lakeland

Posted on: April 11, 2018

The tourist industry in Alberta is nearly 150 years old. Alberta tourism yields $8 billion in annual spending and attracts people from all over the world.

Alberta’s Lakeland is one of the best regions to vacation in the province. Visitors come to The Lakeland for the beautiful nature and landscapes. However, many fall in love with the history and culture as well.

Are you ready for an escape vacation in The Lakeland? Read on to learn about the 5 best vacation spots in Alberta’s Lakeland.

1) Camping in Canada’s Lakeland

If you are coming to The Lakeland for its scenic landscapes, camping is the perfect escape vacation. There are dozens of great campgrounds in The Lakeland region.

If you need a point in the right direction, Rocky Meadows Country Getaway comes highly recommended. In addition to an outdoor experience, Rocky Meadows features great family activities like paintball and mini-golf. During the day, travellers can enjoy the spoils of nearby lakes and outdoor sporting. At night, you can sit by the fire and take in the spectacular Northern Lights.

2) Bed and Breakfast in Smoky Lake

Travellers love bed and breakfast accommodations because they are romantic and feel like home. The great news is that The Lakeland region provides visitors with many options. One of the best places to stay in The Lakeland region is Smoky Lake. A great option for visitors is the Bonne Nuit Bed and Breakfast.

If you are seeking adventure, Smoky Lake features the Metis Crossing Zipline. For those looking for an educational experience, the Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site fits the bill.

Smoky Lake is not the only great location for a Bed and Breakfast. Waterfront Harbour Bed and Breakfast in Cold Lake is another option for romance-seeking travellers.

3) Book a Hotel Room in Lac La Biche

Perhaps you enjoy the outdoors, but prefer to sleep in a major hotel chain. Lac La Biche is a great place to meet this need. There are a few different accommodations in Lac La Biche including a Ramada. The best thing about staying in Lac La Biche is that it is just minutes away from Beaver Lake.

Staying here gives you easy access to epic activities, like canoeing through the Back Country in Lakeland Provincial Park.

4) Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail

If you are visiting Alberta for outdoor adventure, the Iron Horse Trail is a must-see. First of all, there is over 300 km of trails to explore. These trails take you through forest, wetlands, and sand dunes. Travellers choose to explore the trail by various means including by horse or by ATV.

There are many campgrounds to spend the night along the trail, from Cold Lake in the East to Bellis in the West.

5) Rent a Cabin in Lakeland Provincial Park

Some visitors want to feel like they are at home and renting a cabin is a perfect way to do so. What is great about Lakeland Provincial Park is there are year-round cabin rentals for you to enjoy.

There is no limit to the outdoor activities that can be done in Lakeland Provincial Park. Travellers enjoy unique winter activities like ice fishing and dog sledding. Summer vacationers can visit our many lake’s beaches, go hunting, take a canoeing adventure, or enjoy a birding experience.

Lakeland Escape Vacation – Wrapping It Up

Clearly, The Lakeland region is an amazing tourist destination. There are so many great places to stay and activities to do. The Lakeland is perfect regardless of the season, with an emphasis on outdoor activity regardless of the time of year. For more information on an escape vacation to The Lakeland region, browse our website!

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