5 Fun Things to do in Lakeland this Winter

Posted on: January 30, 2018

Looking for fun things to do in the Lakeland this winter? There are loads of great activities to do in Alberta at any time of year. Winter might be a bit colder, but we won’t hear your excuses.

Wrap up warm because you’re going out! Here are 5 fun things to do in the Lakeland, that you shouldn’t miss out on during your visit.

1. The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (or aurora borealis) are one of the most stunning natural displays in the world. As the sun’s rays strike Earth’s atmosphere, the beautiful hues of colour spring to life. The effects can only be seen at night, and are best observed during the winter months.

Canada’s Lakeland has a Dark Sky Preserve, where no manmade lighting is allowed. Head for this preserve in Lakeland Provincial Park, and enjoy an uninterrupted experience watching this amazing sight. Don’t miss the spectacle.

2. Dog Sledding

We get an awful lot of snow during the winter months, which means walking can be quite hard work. If you’re looking for hiking, come back in the summer. It’s worth it.

Try out dog sledding for a unique snowy experience which keeps your feet off the floor. Wrap up, hold tight, and let the Huskies do the hard work (don’t worry – they need the exercise!).

3. Ice Skating

Ice skating is good family fun, and you can take your pick from hundreds of lakes which freeze over in the winter. It is the Lakeland, after all. You’ll be joined by friendly locals who have made ice skating a tradition up here, and are always willing to offer a few pointers for beginners.

4. Fishing

As we’ve just said, the lakes are frozen during winter, but that doesn’t mean fishing is off the table. You’ve just got a little work to do with the ice before you can get to them. Ice fishing is good fun though, and we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it quickly. The lakes are well stocked with perch, pike, and trout – among many other species.

Make sure you sort your fishing license before heading to the lake.

5. Skiing and Snowboarding

No list of fun things to do in the Lakeland would be complete without mentioning skiing and snowboarding!

Many of our residents are really keen on these popular winter sports. Which means that there’s no shortage of equipment hire stores and schools. Kinosoo Ski Resort is where you need to head for a fun day out on the slopes.

However, if you don’t fancy skiing or snowboarding, try taking a snowmobile out for the day instead. It’s a really fun and exciting way to get around, and there are plenty of trails to explore with your friends or family.

More Fun Things to Do in the Lakeland

There are so many things to do in the Lakeland – these are just the highlights. You’d be here for a long time if we were to tell you all of our secrets. Come to the Lakeland this winter and discover them for yourself!

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