5 Fun Things To Do in Lakeland Canada This Summer

Posted on: June 16, 2018

Lush forests, winding rivers, miles of hiking trails; it’s hard to find something you can’t do in Lakeland, Canada. Stretching across the province of Alberta, Lakeland has become a destination for lone travellers, wanderlust adventurers, and close-knit families.

Looking for a unique adventure this summer? Lakeland, Canada is home to miles of forest to explore, refreshing rivers and lakes, fascinating history, and so much more.

Experience what Lakeland has waiting for you!

Go Canoeing in Lakeland Provincial Park

Designated in 1992, Lakeland Provincial Park is comprised of 147 square kilometres of unbelievable nature. Choose not from one lake, but several, including the 38-kilometre canoe circuit that takes you on an aquatic tour through Jackson, Kinnaird, Blackett and McGuffin lakes.

If you like a touch of adventure on your canoeing trips, Lakeland Provincial Park has that too! Known for their challenging twists, the Dabbs, Touchwood and Siebert Lakes have exciting roughed-in trails and portages connecting them to the canoe circuit.

Practice Your Swing at Grande Centre Golf Course

Alberta has some of the best golf courses in the country and what’s better? It’s not in the heart of a big city! That means a more relaxing golf experience for you.

Practice your swing and improve your drive at Grand Centre Golf Course. Located near Cold Lake South, this golf course is a gem just waiting to be discovered.

Ride Horses Along Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail

Immerse yourself in Alberta’s western culture with horseback riding along the famous Iron Horse Trail.

There’s more to Lakeland, Canada culture than simply horseback riding. Western culture remains prevalent in rodeos and chuckwagons. Choose from multi-trail rides or single-day gallops.

Catch a Glimpse of the Local Wildlife on Elk Island Wildlife Tours

Are you here for the wildlife? Well, you’re in luck! Elk Island Wildlife Tours are essential for the animal-loving traveller.

Elk Island National Park is located east of Edmonton and bordered by Strathcona County and the County of Lamont. It belongs to the famed Beaver Hills landscape along with Blackfoot Grazing, Wildlife and Provincial Recreation Area.

Take a tour of Elk Island National Park and discover how this incredible organisation has helped re-establish the bison population in Canada and the United States!

Explore at Your Own Pace with Geocaching

Geocaching is the latest travel adventure. Using smartphone technology, travellers can have their own adventure using their mobile device. The smartphones can be used to explore the vast, gorgeous Lakeland area and discover trinkets, gems and items, including the history of the area and so much more!

There are thousands of geocaches across Lakeland so travellers will never run out of discoveries. Explore with friends or reconnect with your family throughout an exciting geocaching adventure.

Before you hit the trails, be sure to do plenty of research on Alberta’s geocaching techniques, rules, and regulations.

Planning a Trip to Lakeland, Canada?

Let us help you plan your adventure! Check out everything this hidden gem has to offer including special events, festivals, as well as the best places to stay, play, and enjoy. Live Adventurefully in Alberta.

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