5 Backcountry Camping Hacks During Your Lakeland Camping Trip

Posted on: June 21, 2018

Camping is a blast, but only if you do it right. A camping trip without the proper supplies or preparation usually ends in disaster or at least discomfort.

Avoid some common downfalls by checking out these five camping hacks below.

Then, venture out and live adventurefully.

1. Pack an Extras Kit

Imagine you’re out in the wilderness and something happens like, you pull a lace too tight and it breaks. Now your hiking boots have one broken lace and you’re about to open yourself up to all sorts of injuries.

Or, it’s late and you’re zipping up your tent when the zipper breaks. Now you aren’t only letting the bugs in, but the cold air as well. Forget about keeping out the breeze!

In all reality, things happen when you’re camping. Pack a bag before you go that helps prepare for the worst. Bring an extra pair of shoelaces, since it’s unlikely more than one people’s laces will break.

Bring a zipper repair kit, which is small and easily packable. If your tent has a sticky zipper but it’s not stuck, lube it up with some chap-stick or Vaseline.

Take a couple pieces of duct tape and wrap them around your lighter – you won’t need very many and it’ll fix anything in a snap. This saves you from bringing big rolls of duct tape and they’ll be pre-cut.

Other things to include are matches, a second lighter, wire, and hand sanitizer.

2. Prep Your Waterproof Materials

The days before you go camping gather some plastic recyclable drinking straws. See if you can get some different sizes and gather whatever small things you want to keep dry.

Gather a lighter, a pair of pliers, and some scissors. Grip the end of the straw with your pliers and run the lighter over the plastic.

The heat will seal the end into a closed line. Then, place your matches or q tips inside the straw. Tap them to the bottom and give them a few centimetres, then cut the tube.

Repeat the sealing process on the other side. Voila! Now you have waterproof cheap and recyclable container.

This works for matches, spices, sugar, whatever you want to keep dry!

3. Make Coffee Travel Packs

Don’t worry about buying those expensive instant coffee packets. All you need is dental floss, coffee filters, and regular coffee.

Take the coffee filter and put one cup’s worth in the middle. Gather the edges and tie dental floss around the bulge. Cut off the extra and place in a plastic bag.

Now you have morning coffee, just boil your water and plop it in!

4. Dry Toilet Paper

Take a toilet paper plastic container or tin can and cut a slot in it. The slot should be about the height of the toilet paper you’re using.

Take a roll of toilet paper and place it in the middle. Run it through the slot and now you have a waterproof container!

5. Seam Sealant

Buy a bottle of seam sealant for the type of tent material you have. Open the tent up inside and paint the seams with the sealant.

Now your tent is more waterproof than it was brand new and its seams are re-enforced.

Camping Hacks

With these helpful camping hacks under your belt, you’re ready to face the wilderness. Or if you’re in the Lakeland area, explore the beauty.

Make sure you check the weather before you come and check out all the ways to explore Lakeland. See you there!

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