Travel Alberta this Summer and Check Out These 5 Unmissable Attractions in The Lakeland

Posted on: June 9, 2018

Alberta is one of the province’s largest sectors that boasts 34.7 million visits per year. With a booming tourism industry, there are many different fun things to do when visiting. This is especially true when the warmer weather makes an appearance during the summer months allowing for different seasonal activities to take place.

We have gathered Lakeland’s best summer attractions to travel Alberta the right way.

Take a Dip

The best way to celebrate the summer season in Alberta is to hit the water. Paddle away in a kayak or canoe around the active shores of Cold Lake or even on the North Saskatchewan River. There are also plenty of opportunities to go boating. Or, after a day full of wakeboarding or tubing, you can park the boat and enjoy the water by swimming as well.

No matter how you choose to experience the water, Alberta’s Lakeland has a ton of rivers and lakes where you can enjoy your travels.

Experience the Northern Lights

Travel Alberta with one of the signature attractions of the area, the northern lights.

The Lakeland area has a dark sky preserve in Lakeland Provincial Park that allows people to easily see experience the beautifully vivid northern lights. This is because there isn’t the interference of artificial lights that could negatively affect the viewing experience.

There are only a few of these dark sky preserves throughout Alberta which makes Lakeland a perfect place to view the magical lights. Also called the Aurora Borealis, these lights can be seen year round and are a huge part of Canadian culture especially with the indigenous peoples of the area.

Travel Alberta by Horseback

Summer is all about going outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and the outdoor scenery. What better way to do this but on horseback?

In Alberta, there is a strong western culture and influence. Experience this by taking riding classes or riding along some of the day trails available. There are even fun rodeo and chuckwagon events hosted throughout the Lakeland region that is a great adventure for the whole family.

U-Pick Fruit Gathering

The warm summer weather pairs nicely with freshly picked fruits and berries.

There are many U-Pick farms in the Lakeland area that allow people to have fun with the family by picking and gathering their own fruit. This is a long-running family tradition in Alberta. You can collect yummy finds like raspberries, chokecherries, apples, strawberries, and local favourite saskatoons among other fruits.

Feel free to collect wild grown fruits as well! Just make sure to check this list before eating to make sure they are edible.

Explore by Quadding

Take a 4-wheeling adventure through Canada’s Lakeland. Exploring this area by quadding is an exhilarating summer activity. There are different terrains and landscapes to travel on such as the sand dunes, trails, and tracks.

Even though you might get you a little dirty, adrenaline junkies will certainly enjoy this recreational activity.

There Is Much More to Do

The fun doesn’t have to stop here! Check out many more attractions Lakeland and Alberta has to offer this summer.

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