Cabin Rentals in Alberta: Explore Lakeland Alberta Any Time of Year

Posted on: March 13, 2019

Photo Credit: Alberta Parks

There is an old phrase people have used for a long time that is used to describe that feeling you get in the winter months when you have been cooped up in old place without anything to do but watch the snow fly.  It’s called “cabin fever.”  It used to be a term that would send a shiver up the spine of the most seasoned of Canadian winter veterans. Perhaps that’s why if you’re looking for cabin rentals in Alberta, and that’s why winter is a perfect time of year to cozy up!

Today, cabin fever means something else entirely. In a high-paced and high-stress world, most of us have found ourselves connected to work, to school, social media, and any number of things that just really send us over the edge every day from stress.  Not long ago, people dreaded the isolation that a long winter in an isolated area would give them, but today, we practically crave it.

The draw of Alberta

Alberta is beautiful during any season.  The prairies offer breathtaking scenery.  It is like going back in time to a world where urban sprawl and decay are unknown.  The area offers not only splendid vistas but also any number of things to keep you physically active at just about any level.

For the Thrill-Seeker

A lot of us lead a double life.  You might find yourself stuck behind a desk at work all day long, but in your spare time, you are anything but sedentary.  The idea of running a 5k race or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane might be what you crave doing all week.  You might look at your Patagonia catalogue or National Geographic magazines for travel ideas, rather than just enjoying the photography.  If you find it hard to just sit down and be still Lakeland, Alberta has a lot to offer:

  1. Enjoy a frosty afternoon or a night of breathtaking aurora while snowshoeing
  2. Dog sledding: an adventure sports activity you will not soon forget and certainly one you need to mark off your bucket list.
  3. Cross-country skiing will get you as close to nature as it gets; further and faster than snowshoes!
  4. Skijoring gives you the best of both worlds: skiing and dog sledding!

For the Gentle Explorer

If trudging around in the snow isn’t your cup of tea, but you like to get out and be active, you will not be disappointed. For the gentle explorer, Lakeland, Alberta still has much to offer:

  1. Snowmobile down Alberta’s Iron Horse Trail with the world rushing past at speed, or simply a quiet day on your sled, taking in the sights.
  2. Sleigh rides were the snowmobiles of yesteryear, but have not lost their romantic charm.  A once in a lifetime experience you cannot miss!
  3. Ice fishing is for the angler who just can’t quit, regardless of how much ice is on the lake.
  4. Ice skating is as natural for some of us as walking or breathing.  What better place to skate than the Lakeland area?
  5. Hiking at a National or Provincial Park or recreation area is a great way to escape.

For the No-Hassle Traveller

If your idea of a vacation is to get away from it all and just relax or enjoy the sights, you can count yourself among the ranks of the no-hassle traveller.  In spite of those who just can’t seem to sit still for more than ten minutes, you can find that mixture of taking in the scenery without having to break a sweat.  From craft shows and markets to ice festivals, Jamborees, and racing events, you won’t ever be bored, and you can have fun at your own pace.

Sometimes winter is a spectator sport, so take in a variety of winter racing events, from snowmobiles to cross-country skiing races! The Lac la Biche Winter Festival of Speed is a heart-pounding show of force while modified cars race on ice!

For the shopper and sightseer, take in a vendor show, or an event you can’t see anywhere else, like the Myrnam Antique Snowmobile Show. While you are at it, marvel at the artistry of any number of ice festivals like the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival at Elk Island, or the Shiverfest in St. Paul. There will be plenty to do, eat, drink, or see.

Check the activities calendar here for a list of what keeps the people in the Lakeland, Alberta area busy all Winter long.  From the Goodridge Potluck and Christmas Entertainment to  Jamborees such as the Elk Point Jamboree, La Corey, and Islay Jamborees which feature live music, fun, and activities for all ages!  Dancing expos, craft and vendor shows like the Cold Lake Christmas Farmers’ Market, where you can walk among the local artisans in search of a unique gift for that special someone.

That special place

No matter what your level of adventure, you are going to need a place to put up your legs and rest in front of a blazing fire. Nothing compares to coming home from a day on the trail or a night on the town to the quiet solitude and cozy warmth of a rustic cabin.  Either playing inappropriate board games with friends, or catching up on your reading, or spending time with friends and family over a good meal with great conversation, cabins take us back to a place we all know and love: home.

Vacation cabin rentals in Alberta takes you back to basics, lacking all of the pretenses of an expensive mountain resort.  There are so many places to choose from, each having their own experience, unique to the location, the accommodations, and the local flavour they have to offer.

Nothing brings people together quite like the glow of a crackling fire on the log walls of a vacation cabin.  Sipping warm drinks and telling stories with your friends or family while the snow falls outside is just about as close to paradise as some of us could ever hope for.

A new experience

Cabin rentals in Alberta are a great place to get away from it all and they suit the tastes of a variety of different people in ways that might surprise you.  Cabins offer cozy intimacy, a rustic aesthetic, and depending on your comfort level there are all sorts of different ways to go.

Some people prefer the simplicity of a cabin, without the television or hundreds of channels to choose from, you are left with only the moment and whatever you choose to make of it.  Spending time with family, playing board games, having good food, good drink, and amazing conversations are all part of the experience.

Some cabin rentals in Alberta offer an experience that is like a home away from home.  Lacking the sterility of a hotel experience, the beauty of a cabin is in all the details which reflect the area itself and bring you that much closer to the experience.

Where to begin? Find charming cabin rentals in Alberta

Availability is very open, considering the number of parks and private rentals that are available.  You will find a lot more flexibility and access to whichever events suit your fancy, all within a relatively short distance to the playground of your choosing.  Your trip can be more tailored towards the event you are interested in, rather than trying to fit events into an itinerary based on how close they are to your hotel.  And what hotels lack in charm and character, cabins will make up for in spades, making every cabin stay a unique experience.

Depending on which cabin you choose–and there are many to choose from–you can bet that your stay will be memorable, revealing a different slice of life for every location.  A lot of travellers agree that the best part of the experience is getting closer to how the locals experience the area, rather than any kind of sanitized version a hotel or resort has to offer.  A stay at a local cabin will not only get you out of your rut but put you into the spirit of the experience, pulling you away from all the distractions and letting you focus on where you are and what you are doing right now.

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