7 Unusual Sights to See While in Alberta

Posted on: June 15, 2018

With its lush forests, rolling rivers, picturesque lakes, and rugged mountains, Alberta is the ultimate road trip destination. Because there are so many beautiful sights to see, it’s no wonder the area has generated over $7 billion in tourism alone.

Not only does Alberta offer the natural beauty of Western Canada, but it’s abundant in culture and history. In fact, Five of 17 of Canada’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites also call Alberta home. The abundance of sights to see in Alberta can make it tough to narrow it down to just one destination – but not to worry because we’ve created the perfect road trip list for you.

Whether you’re heading to Lakeland Provincial Park or in search of giant pumpkins, you won’t want to miss our top seven bucket list places to visit in Alberta below.

Seven Places to Visit in Alberta: Road Trip Edition

1. Lakeland Provincial Park – Dark Sky Preserve & Northern Lights Viewing

If you’ve been daydreaming about seeing the Northern Lights but aren’t wanting tan hop a arctic plane in the winter, Lakeland Provincial Park is the ultimate place to go. Because there is very little light pollution in the area, the light show is spectacular. Late September to April is the optimum time to see this mesmerizing natural wonder.

2. World’s First UFO Landing Pad – St. Paul, Alberta

The world’s first UFO landing pad is exactly what it sounds like – and you don’t want to miss it! Built in 1967 for the Canadian Centennial celebration, this mammoth concrete structure is dedicated to space travel, peace on Earth, and tolerance of all intergalactic species. A 100-year-old time capsule is scheduled to be opened in 2067 at the on-site museum.

3. Giant Pumpkins – Smoky Lake, Alberta

If you’ve been searching for family fun with giant pumpkins, look no further than Smoky Lake, Alberta. Just an hour away from Edmonton, this roadside attraction draws huge crowds every year in October during its annual “pumpkin weigh-off.” Some of the pumpkins are so large that cranes are needed to hoist them onto the scales!

4. Giant Perogy – Glendon, Alberta

If you’ve traveled to Europe, or are of Ukrainian descent, then you know how delicious perogies can be. The village of Glendon is singing its praises of perogies with a 27-foot-tall Giant Perogy sculpture dedicated to this tasty food. Pop into the Perogy Cafe next door for a taste of the real deal.

5. Giant Mushrooms – Vilna, Alberta

In the small village of Vilna, you’ll discover the beauty of the “World’s Largest Mushrooms” – a sculpture replica of the Tricholoma uspale mushroom. This species of mushroom is frequently used in a variety of recipes throughout the area and is widely prized for its earthy taste.

6. Peter Fidler Statue – Elk Point, Alberta

Part history lesson, part roadside attraction, this 34-foot-tall wooden Peter Fidler statue is a must-see. Crafted with chainsaws in 1992 for the Elk Point bicentennial, this Hudson Bay homage to fur trading ranks high on our list of road trip marvels.

7. Kinosoo Totem Poles & CF 18 Jet Display – Cold Lake, Alberta

These stunning works of art, created in 1967 by former Cold Lake First Nations chief Ovide Jacko are a sight to behold. Designed for the Centennial, the totem poles celebrate the unity between Cold Lake Nations and the City of Cold Lake.

Ready to Road Trip?

We hope this list of seven roadside attractions inspired you to pack your bags and hit the road! For more ultimate Alberta vacation ideas, contact us and let us know how we can help you plan your dream trip!

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